To educate the community about the benefits of continued investment in an accessible and sustainable transit system, which represents a major component of a balanced regional transportation plan and creates more vibrant communities.
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About Friends of Transit

Friends of Transit was incorporated in 2001 as an Arizona nonprofit corporation. The mission of Friends of Transit is to educate the public on the benefits and importance to the Greater Phoenix community of a well-designed and accessible mass transit system, which represents a major component of a balanced regional transportation plan.

The idea of forming Friends of Transit came about after the Phoenix electorate approved a sales tax increase in 2000 to fund a comprehensive transit system, consisting of improved bus service and the addition of a light rail transit component. As a result of the successful transit elections in the cities of Phoenix and Tempe, several community leaders identified the continuing need to educate the public about the benefits of the voter-approved plans, especially given that some elements of the system would not be implemented for several years following the vote.

Skip Rimsza, then Mayor of the City of Phoenix, led the charge on this initiative and invited more than 40 corporate and community leaders to meet and discuss the need for such an educational organization – thus, Friends of Transit was created and for 20+ years, has continued to educate the general public on the benefits of a balanced transportation system.

Board Members

Andrew Haines, Chair
Maria Tyne, Immediate Past Chair
Jessica Mefford-Miller, Executive Committee
Jesus Sapien, Executive Committee
Mark Peterson
Rob Killebrew
Brian Vladyka
Eric Reese
Jodi Sorrell
Kyle Strickland
Ted Chamberlain
Karim Dada, Vice Chair
Scott Miller
Yvette LeDesma
Shelly Seyler
Tyler Besch
Melinda Alonzo
Daniel Terryn
Marc Perla
Christina Bird, Treasurer
Christina Bird, Treasurer
Mike Orueta
Gregory Heinz
Matthew Dudley
Tania Torres
Albert Santana
Norman Jester
Matt Carpenter
David Schwartz, Executive Director

Transit News

September 01, 2022 – Friends of Transit

Friends of Transit

July 11, 2022 – Friends of Transit

Friends of Transit

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