Phoenix Rising Fans Score with the Valley Metro Rail Ride Partnership

March 30, 2023

Phoenix Rising FC is the next Valley sports team to join Valley Metro as a Rail Ride partner. That means the fans win with every game by scoring a ride on Valley Metro with their match ticket.

Phoenix Rising ticket holders may travel to matches on matchdays up to four (4) hours before the start time of the match until the end of the transit service day. All they need to do is present their digital ticket as valid light rail fare.

This allows them to travel to restaurants and other destinations along the line before and after matches thanks to the Rail Ride partnership.

Valley Metro Rail and Phoenix Rising Football Club have established the Rail Ride partnership for the 2023 season. Home matches are now being played in the stadium near the 38th St/Washington station (formerly the greyhound race track). The home opener is Saturday, April 1 at 7:30 p.m