Valley Metro Seeks Input on Price Road Flexible Transit Study

January 4, 2021

PHOENIX-- Valley Metro invites the public to attend an online public meeting for the latest information on the Price Road Flexible Transit Study. This study is a joint effort between Valley Metro and the city of Chandler to evaluate transit alternatives beyond traditional fixed route bus service within the Price Road corridor.


The online presentation will include an overview of existing transportation conditions in the study area. It will also detail the potential alternative transit services, including microtransit, a flexible, app-enabled ride sharing service that uses minibuses or vans; flex routes, which serve a specific corridor, but can deviate from main routes to make pickups/drop-offs more convenient; and ride share, an app-enabled service where regular trips are coordinated, operated and scheduled by riders in a specific zone.


The meeting materials can be accessed at any time from Jan. 11 through Jan. 25, 2021 by visiting