Phoenix-area localities to decide on transportation funding questions

July 13, 2020

Voters in multiple Phoenix-area communities will decide this fall whether to use $174 million in bonds to help address transportation needs.

The Nov. 3 ballot in the city of Mesa will include a question asking voters whether to authorize $100 million in general obligation bonds for 12 projects around the city of 509,000 people.

Among the projects that would be funded are arterial reconstructions. There is $22.6 million designated for work.

Other projects would include street and road improvements and walking and biking projects.

If approved, $60 million in projects would be eligible for reimbursement via matching funds from the Maricopa Association of Governments.

Gateway Freeway

One transportation project that would benefit from the additional funding is Arizona Route 24. The roadway is scheduled to begin construction in the coming months.

Tabbed the Gateway Freeway, the roadway is planned to run from the southeast region of the Phoenix area to the northwest portion of Pinal County.


The fall ballot in the city of Tempe will include a question to use $74 million in bonds over five years to pay for projects that include road improvements.

Passage of Question 2 in the city of 190,000 people would authorize the use of general obligation bonds to construct, reconstruct or improve highways, streets, bridges, and pedestrian projects. Money also would be used to improve traffic control systems, street lighting and street signs.


A similar pursuit in the city of Gilbert has been delayed by one year.

The 2021 ballot is expected to include a question about whether to authorize $465 million in transportation bonds.

The town council opted to put off including the question on the ballot because of the coronavirus’ impact on the local economy.

The money would be used to improve traffic congestion and roadwork in the city of 248,000 people.