Cool Pavement Program Update

November 1, 2021

Following the application of a cool pavement seal coat in nine locations citywide in 2020, the next phase of the Phoenix Street Transportation Department's Cool Pavement Program began in fall 2021

In October, two different formulas with higher reflective values were applied to neighborhood streets within the boundary of 19th and 15th avenues between Broadway and Roeser​ roads in South Phoenix​.

This next round of the ongoing program and study will analyze those new coatings that have higher reflective values than the material applied in 2020. One coating is the same light gray color and the other is a darker gray. City staff and researchers also will analyze the durability of the coating during this next phase. 

In September 2021, the results of the first year of the program and study were announced, which showed that the average surface temperature in test locations is 10.5 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional asphalt at noon and during the afternoon hours, and that surface temperatures at sunrise averaged 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit lower.

To learn more about Cool Pavement in Phoenix or view the results of the first year of scientific testing, visit​