April 2021 Proposed Service Changes

November 10, 2020


Valley Metro and City of Phoenix service changes occur to develop an effective regional transit system that supports Valley communities, businesses and residents. Public input is requested on the following proposed service changes scheduled to take effect on April 2021. Changes to City of Phoenix-operated service require approval by the Phoenix City Council. Changes to Valley Metro-operated service require approval by the Valley Metro Board of Directors.

Public input occurs between November 2–December 4, 2020 on the following service changes. These changes will take effect on April 26, 2021.


  • Route 32—32nd St/40th St: Modify route to eliminate stops east of 40th St. and Baseline Rd. 
  • Route 40—Main St: Modify route to eliminate stops west of the Sycamore Transit Center. 
  • Route 50—Camelback Rd: Extend route service on Camelback Rd. to Granite Reef Rd. and Chaparral Rd. to serve Scottsdale Community College. Add four daily school trips to serve Mohave Middle School. 
  • Scottsdale—68th St/Camelback Rd (68CM): Modify route to eliminate service east of Scottsdale Rd. Service along Granite Reef Rd. to Chaparral Rd., and daily trips to Mohave Middle School will be served by Route 50—Camelback Rd. 
  • Route 72—Scottsdale Rd/Rural Rd: Remove route deviation into Tempe Transportation Center. Route will stay on Rural Rd.
  • Route 108—Elliot Rd/48th St: Reduce route frequency in Phoenix to 60 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays to match Tempe service. 
  • Route 514—Scottsdale Express: Modify route to start and end at Mustang Transit Center. Eliminate service to and from Fountain Hills.
  • Route 520—North Tempe Express: Eliminate route due to low ridership. Alternative Express service is offered in Tempe.
  • Route 521—Central Tempe Express: Modify route to remove neighborhood pickup service. Route begins at McClintock Dr/Baseline Park-and-Ride and travels via US 60 to improve service. 
  • Route 522—South Tempe Express: Modify route to remove neighborhoood pickup service. Route begins and ends at Tempe Sports Complex to improve service. 
  • Avondale ZOOM: Extend route to serve new senior activity center at Dysart Rd. and Riley Dr. and new job center at 107th Ave. and Pierce St. 

There are maps on the right hand side of the page for additional information. Please give feedback in our survey on these proposed service changes.